Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I apply?

To apply for debt consolidation through Live Debt Consolidation, just fill out our simple application right now!

How long before I'm debt free?

We go to work right away in eliminating your debt! How long it takes to completely eliminate your debt depends on how much you have but you should see a reduction in your debt after just a few months.

Do I have to have delinquent debts in order to get your service?

No! We provide our services to anyone with debt problems or dealing with collections.

Is this better than bankruptcy?

Yes, debt consolidation is a much better option than bankruptcy! A bankruptcy will affect your credit for years to come, while debt consolidation can help your credit and eliminate your debt quickly!

What type of debt can be consolidated?

Typically, we can only include unsecured debt in your debt consolidation. This means no car payments or mortgages, but loan debt shouldn't be a problem.

How does debt consolidation affect my credit?

By the time you're finished with your debt consolidation, it will have a positive effect on your credit score because you'll have paid down your debt considerably. Of course, this is assuming you make all of your payments on time.

Is it safe to apply online?

Yes it is safe to apply online. At Live Debt Consolidation, we use the latest in security technology to protect your information.

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