The Process Of Debt Consolidation
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The Debt Consolidation Process

The debt consolidation process is easier than ever with Live Debt Consolidation, but we know many consumers are not familiar with the particulars in the process. If you aren't sure how it al works, read on to see how you can easily apply for debt consolidation with Live Debt Consolidation:

  • Apply on our website: When you're ready to consolidate your debt, just apply for consumer debt consolidation service with Live Debt Consolidation. The application and our services are done completely online. Not a computer whiz? We offer customer support 24 hours a day!
  • Get a unique plan: When you're approved for our debt consolidation program, we'll go to work immediately to tailor a debt consolidation plan that fits you specifically. With our plan you'll get lower monthly payments, lower interest rates, and more!
  • Stop harassing creditors: When you've got a large debt you're unable to pay off, chances are your creditors or a collections agency will be calling you, a lot. Creditors and collections agencies will stop at no end to get a hold of you, calling your family, work, and friends. We know how irritating it can get and we'll put a stop to the harassing calls and letters immediately.
  • Negotiate your debt: With years of experience in debt consolidation, we can negotiate with your creditors to eliminate a good portion of your debt. We've been able to eliminate as much as 60% of a customer's debt before!
  • Start paying off your debt: Now that you've got a debt consolidation plan and have negotiated the amount of debt, you can start paying it off. We roll all of your debt in to a single debt that you only have to make one monthly payment on. It's more convenient for you and the lower monthly payments will be more affordable, which will eventually help raise your credit score!
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